1. China National Silk Museum-中国絲绸博物館

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“As the largest center for textile collection, exhibition, conservation, research and education in China, CNSM is now the showcase of Chinese silk history and culture.”

The China National Silk Museum(中国絲绸博物館) is one of the most internationally renowned textile museums specializing in silk and textile preservation. As the first silk specialized and state-level museums in China, it is the “world’s largest silk museum,” with an initiative to promote and direct careers in textile conservation. CNSM houses both permanent and temporary exhibitions along with a separate conservation program in cooperation with Zhejiang Sci Tech University(浙江理工大学).

In 2010, the Chinese Center for Textile Identification moved to CNSM and now promotes research and development within the walls of the museum.

Explore the exhibits, online database and read more information on the museum at their website:

2. Xiangxian Art Gallery  名称为象限艺廊 – Exhibition of Ancient Costume Replicas of Han and Jin Dynasty 中國古代妝束

sponsored by Jin Ze Arts Centre

In 2007 LIU Shuai , a fashion designer by training, initiated a project titledAncient Chinese Zhuangshu (中國古代妝束) with a group of 10 young and enthusiastic artists and designers.

Drawing references from paintings and sculptures, Zhuangshu(中國古代妝束)re-created a collection of ancient costumes from different periods of Chinese history. The construction process takes over 6 months of gathering information on fabrics, colours, costume cutting, accessories, hairstyles and make-up, before the entire work is completed. Zhuangshu’s(中國古代妝束) goal is to be reconnected to ancient culture through practicing and understanding craft and technique.

A selection of over 15 sets of costumes will be displayed at the Xiangxian Art Gallery 名称为象限艺廊 , supplemented with explanations of the works in progress. Practices in natural dyes, resist patterns, patterned silks, and embroideries will be highlighted.

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