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Our Aim

Through this international gathering, we aim to encourage the study, practice, and innovation of shibori and other resist-dye art forms including ikat weaving(adras) . 

In Hangzhou, China we plan to embrace conservation, scientific research, contemporary application of silk fiber as well as wool, supported by our host, China National Silk Museum.

Symposium events are organized into various areas of focus. Presentations, workshops, and exhibitions will offer perspectives from these viewpoints  to create a diverse and engaging platform for discourse. The following subjects will be covered:

  • Archaeology 考古學
  • Ethnography 民族志
  • Fashion 時尚 and  Costume 服装
  • Art 藝術
  • Compression Resist 防染印花
  • Conservation 文物修復

Our Hosts

The World Shibori Network is pleased to collaborate with the China National Silk Museum(中国絲绸博物館), Hangzhou, as the main event partner. 

See other supporters and sponsorship.


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