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“2 Day” Tour to Wenzhou Itinerary PDF includes details and price.

Note: It is not possible to register for both tours. But it is possible to join Post Conference Tours 3+4, Xinjiang and Silk Road and reach Urumqi on 06 November.

Post Tour 1 +2 Map


Post Tour 1: Wednesday, November 5 / “1 Day Tour” to Haining 海宁市 City (Zhejiang Province)

TOTAL FARE $95.00 USD* / approx. 595 CNY Payment to reserve a spot here



Post Tour 2: Tuesday to Thursday, November 4 -6 / “2 Day Tour” to Wenzhou,温州 Zhejiang Province – CLOSED – TOUR FULL

**TOTAL FARE $375 USD* / approx. 2,350 ¥ CNY

CONFIRMED PARTICIPANTS – Pay total fare here (Schedule & Price update as of 8/24) – If you are not confirmed, do not pay your fare. This tour is CLOSED. 

**Please note change in schedule and increase of $75 in the price, due to 1 extra night accommodations with breakfast + 1 dinner on the way to  Wenzhou, and extra chartered coach rental on 11/4. 

We return to Hangzhou around noon on 11/6. If you have paid $300, click here to pay additional $75. 

Staying in a single occupancy room? Pay your single supplement here.

 Visit an Indigo farm + Stroll through the early morning herb market+ Learn about carved board clamp resist at an artisan studio

*Inclusive of all expenses per this itinerary (2 nights, 1 lunch, 2 dinners & breakfasts + guide fees + program + transportation). Based on 19-26 members, and double occupancy.



POST CONFERENCE TOURS 3 + 4  (Confirmed to Operate as of 7/28/14


Post Tour 3: Thursday, November 6-15 / “10 Day Tour” to Central Asia (Download Itinerary)

Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region 新疆维吾尔自治区 – 新疆( Xīn Jiāng شىنجاڭ) Provence including 吐魯番 (Turpan تۇرپان), 乌鲁木齐(Ürümqi ئۈرۈمچى ), 喀什(Kāshíقەشقەر or Kāshígé’ěr) and 和田  (Hétiánخوتەن) +  See  Xinjiang Institute of Archaeology in Urumqi. Fly Hangzhou/Urumqi, Urumqi/Kashgar, and Urumqi/Shanghai. One night accommodation in Shanghai on 11/14  and breakfast on 11/15 are included.

Email to find out who’s going: sarah_WSN[at]outlook[dot]com

Pay your deposit here to reserve your place.

Post Tour 4: November 6-18 / “13 Day Tour on Silk Road” to Central Asia, Dunhuang, and Xi’an. (Download Itinerary)

Silk Road beyond Xinjiang – Dunhuang: Mogao Grottoes () +  X’ian to see Terracotta Warriors.  Fly Hangzhou/Urumqi, and Urumqi/Kashgar. Same itinerary in Xinjiang with Tour 3 until Day 8 in Turpan. On Day 8, take a sleeper train Turpan/Liyuan (Dunhuang) for morning arrival. Day 10 take train from Dunhuang to Xi’an. Fly Xi’an to Shanghai on Day 13. Hotel in Shanghai is on your own arrangement.

Email to find out who’s going: sarah_WSN[at]outlook[dot]com  Photo Credit: Chris Martens in Kashgar

Pay your deposit here to reserve your place.

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