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9ISS Proceedings 
Table of Contents (page numbers correspond with pages of digital PDF )

Acknowledgements + Preface + Introduction

Plenary Speakers (14)
Concurrent Panel: Archaeology (38)
Concurrent Panel: Ethnography (68)
Concurrent Panel: Fashion and Costume (105)
Concurrent Panel: Art (150)
Concurrent Panel: Compression Resist (177)
Concurrent Panel: Conservation (197)
Concurrent Panel: Natural Dye and Empowering People (219)
Concurrent Panel: Technology and Design (235)
Concurrent Panel: Education (278)
Essays on Shibori Societies and the ISS (299)

Poster Session I: Archaeology (308)
Poster Session II: Fashion and Costume (313)
Poster Session III: Art (320)
Poster Session IV: Compression Resist (327)
Poster Session V: Conservation (332)
Poster Session VI: Natural Dye and Empowering People (351)
Poster Session VII: Technology and Design (357)

Exhibitions (373)

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