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For Hong Kong (If you are visiting Hong Kong beforehand): Nationals of over 170 countries and territories  may visit Hong Kong visa-free for a period ranging from 7 days to 180 days. These countries include: USA (90 days), Great Britain (180 days), Australia (90 days), Japan (90 days), Canada (90 days), Netherlands (90 days), France (90 days), New Zealand (90 days). Check here for your country’s specific requirements.

For China Chinese entry visa is required for most countries. Travelers must also present return airline ticket. Mark your purpose for travel as “TOURISM,”  and current occupation, choose “other” and list as “ARTIST, EDUCATOR, RETIRED, ARTISAN, SCHOLAR, or DESIGNER.”

IMPORTANT: 9ISS is a government-approved international event. For your visa, simply accompany your visa application with the 9ISS program in Hangzhou with CNSM and your hotel name in Hangzhou. There is no need to have a hotel reservation, nor travel agency contact information for any Pre and Post Tours. IF YOU ARE GOING ON POST TOURS: Use a general title “Silk Road Tour.” For questions about this, please email us.

The government allows some days for travels before and after the symposium for tourism purposes.

TIP: Some participants successfully gone through the process using a visa application agency such as VisaRite and others.

If you wish to have an invitation letter from 9ISS/CNSM, send your name as it appears on your passport, your address, passport details, and any affiliation you may have to <sarah_WSN[at]> The invitation letter is issued when your complete information is received.

If necessary, for contact information in China, you may use:

China National Silk Museum

Irene LU <>

Telephone: +86 571-87035150
Address: 73-1 Yuhuangshan Road, Hangzhou, Zhejiang 310002

Complete information on the CHINA EMBASSY website.



Each traveler should speak to their own physician before departure, about what precautionary actions should be taken.Some vaccines may be advisable before traveling to China, depending on which province you are visiting. The US Agency of Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) offers recommendations of what vaccines to get in advance and other advisable over-the-counter items to bring with you. See here.

List of Provinces

9ISS Conference – Zhejiang Province

Pre-Tour – Zhejiang and Jiangsu Province

Post-Tour to Haining – Zhejiang Province

Post-Tour to Wenzhou – Jiangsu Province

Post-Tour to Xinjiang – Xinjiang Province

Post-Tour to Xi’an and Dunhuang – Xinjiang and Gansu Province

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